2,477 tonnes of spiral steel pipes help Asian livelihood projects

Project location:Asia


Standard and material:SY/T 5037 Q355B


SSAW 2010×8×6000MM

SSAW 2010×10×6000MM

SSAW 1950×12×6000MM

SSAW 1950×14×6000MM

SSAW 1850×16×6000MM

SSAW 1750×18×6000MM

SSAW 1750×20×6000MM

SSAW 1250×16×6000MM

Application:Hydropower station construction in Nepal

Supply time:2023.12

This project is a large-scale EPC contracting project in Asian. In September 2023, the client visited and negotiated for the first time. After on-site factory inspections and company visits, they gained a full understanding of Xinyue’s supply capacity and company strength. They proactively applied to upgrade to Xinyue’s agent and later carried out steel sales business in Nepal. They also submitted a quasi order project on site, which is a large-diameter thin-walled spiral steel pipe used for the construction of local hydropower projects, The total batch of goods is 2477 tons, with a total volume of 94 high container containers.

During the operation process, the construction period and container transportation are quite challenging. All departments of Xinyue worked together to efficiently meet customer needs within a limited time, and successfully loaded and transported 94 containers. This successful cooperation has given each other sufficient trust and confidence, achieving mutual assistance and win-win. We believe that with the continuous deepening of cooperation with this agent, we can leave many marks of trust in Nepal and use our strength to add bricks and tiles to the local infrastructure construction and people’s livelihood projects.