Carbon steel and stainless steel pipe and fittings from Xinyue to Southeast Asia

Project location:Southeast Asia

Product:Carbon steel and stainless steel pipe and fittings

Standard and material:ASTM A106 GR B, ASTM A234 WPB/ ASTM A105

Specifications:NB 1/2 inch to 24 inch

Usage:Power plant project

Inquiry time:2022.08.11

Order time:2022.09.06

Shipping time:2022.10.24

Estimated arrival time:2022.11.05

South East Asia has always been one of our main markets, and with many years of successful projects supply and a large customer base, we have established grate reputation and corporate influence within the industry in the market!

The project we are introducing today is a repeated order from a regular customer in South East Asia. Before receiving the enquiry, this project was an on-hand project of the customer. The customer wanted us to give maximum technical support in addition to steel product support, so that the project progress could be carried out normally: Xinyue actively cooperated with the provision of a full set of documents, including the material book SAMPLE, ITP, drawing book and drawings of each product, as well as the declaration of conformity and the terminal to make sure that the technical documents were audited and approved. In terms of delivery time, we reasonably integrate and deploy the best resources: from speedy production, booking and so on almost in parallel to carry out.

Based on the smooth cooperation in the early stage, and our company successfully passed the background credit of CRIF, a third party commissioned by the client, and the financial and operation investigation of our company by United Dun & Bradstreet China. Since then, Xinyue has been officially added in it’s Top One supplier system.

Production is now well underway and all products will be arranged for shipment to customers after strict third party inspection.

Written by Sanny