Many years of cooperation and mutual trust wins the order

Project location:Australia

Product:Bend ERW steel pipe

Standard and material:AS/NZ1163 C350l0


Application:Telegraph Pole

Inquiry time:2022.10.05

Order time:2022.10.05

Shipping time:2022.11.16

Estimated arrival time:2022.12.25

his customer met in 2019. They are a global company distributed all over the world, and the customer also produces steel pipes and participates in the design of many projects. The regular product purchased in Xinyue is hot bending pipe, and 7 orders have been cooperated so far. The product customer requires 0 degree impact, and the content of B shall not exceed 0.0008%. The packaging is also very strict with the customer. In order to facilitate loading and unloading, the customer asked for wooden pallets and pulley installation. For each shipment of our customers are very recognized and give 100% confidence. The customer is no exception to this order. The order is confirmed on the same day of inquiry. Now this batch of goods is on the way to the customer, and we look forward to further cooperation.

Written by Ellen