Стальная труба AS1163 C350 ERW из стали XINYUE во Вьетнам

Написано Анной:Вьетнам


Написано Анной:Написано Анной

Написано Анной:26.9mm-219mm

Заявление:Steel fabrication

Написано Анной:2022.09.28

Написано Анной:2022.09.30

Написано Анной:2022.11.24

Написано Анной:2022.12.5

The customer is an old customer who has cooperated with Xinyue for 5 years and will purchase once every 2 months. The purchased product is ERW pipe, and the standard is AS 1163 C350/C250. The customer is a Vietnamese processor. All pipes will be sent to Australia after processing. The reason for maintaining a long-term and stable cooperative relationship is that Xinyue has provided customers with competitive price support and stable quality assurance for instant noodles. С другой стороны, it is also based on Xinyue’s high reputation in the Australian market.

This contract is still some regular specifications of procurement. The inspection data of Xinyue before shipment shows that the wall thickness of a few steel pipes is not Satisfied. Adhering to the principle of quality first, Xinyue frankly communicated with customers at the first time, and gave customers the fastest speed to re produce for free. In order not to delay the customer’s construction period, Xinyue delivered the qualified pipes first. By November, all pipes will be shipped. The customer is very satisfied with Xinyue’s frankness and ability to deal with problems.

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