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Our advantage

1.Professional team provide top quality products.
Xinyue اسٽيل گروپ ختم ٿي چڪو آهي 1000 آن لائين ڪم ڪندڙ, 376 senior engineers and technicians. Total with 56 پيداوار سٽون, ورڪشاپ ايريا ڪپڙا 560000 چورس ميٽر , و production ۾ و production پيداوار جي گنجائش سان 2,000,000 ميٽرڪ ٽن في سال.

2.اسٽيل پائپ جو هڪ اسٽاپ حل
Xinyue س rawني شين جو خيال رکندو خام مال کان, پائپ جي پيداوار, معيار تي ضابطو, پائپ جي آخري چڪاس, to delivery. Xinyue Steel is your best choice with one-stop solution of steel pipe.

3.Quality foster brand, brand lead future
With advanced automatic production line and detailed processing control, Xinyue can produce the first-class steel pipe with stable and reliable performance. Strong believing quality and core technology create brand, Xinyue has never changed the spirit of striving for zero defects products, whatever the world changes.

4.Excellent Equipment Guarantee Supreme Quality
Xinyue has introduced advanced production equipment. The production line is automatic controlled with the advantage of easy operation and high process accuracy, which has laid a solid foundation of good quality.

5.Quality Control, create prosperity
Xinyue Steel possess with professional engineers and first-class production team and strict ISO 9001 quality and safety management system, گراهڪن کي محفوظ سهولتون فراهم ڪرڻ جي پيان, قابل اعتماد ۽ قابل اعتماد مصنوعات.