Pressure Container Plate from Xinyue support Tanzania Power station project

Project location:Tanzania

Product:Pressure Container Plate


Standard and material:Q345R

Usage:Power station project, pressure container welding

Received the inquiry in March 2020.

Signed the contract in May 2022

Estimated Shipping time: Early Nov, 2022

Estimated arrival time:Dec, 2022

This order is from a new EPC customer in Africa. In March 2021, the customer’s first inquiry was the beginning of the project design. At first, the quotation we provided to the customer was steel pipe. The customer affirmed our solution, but they also said that FOB price had advantages, but when the sea freight was added, our CIF price was higher than the local price. Considering that the cost of sea transportation is too high, which leads to our disadvantage, we directly suggested the customer to purchase raw materials and weld locally.So we submit our steel coil proposal to the customer, who expressed great interest. However, after the project changes many times, the steel coil was finally changed to steel plate for local welding.

Although it was determined to change to steel plate, the bill of materials for the project has been changing from the original design company followed up with the current owner. During the production process, we have held meetings with the owner and the contractor for many times to discuss how to provide the most suitable and cost-effective bill of materials for steel plate to customers, and coordinate with the multiple technical requirements of the owner and the welding party. In the end, Xinyue won the trust of customers with professional technical guidance and wholehearted service spirit. In May 2022, the customer gave the 1800 tons order to Xinyue.

Due to the customer’s national exchange control, after signing the contract, it took the customer two months to issue the LC. During this period, we also kept close contact with customers and provided various bank policies and payment channels. The customer was very satisfied with our service

Then came the intensive production. Because the project is waiting to use this batch of steel plates, but because the customer’s payment is delayed, the production time becomes very urgent. After receiving the draft letter of credit from the customer, we started the pre-production meeting and prepared to arrange production in advance. While one week after the start of production, the customer found that he had made a technical mistake – all steel plates need to be beveled on four sides to prepare for welding at the destination. The customer did not specify this technical requirement during the final inquiry and contract period. At the beginning of receiving the customer’s email, we immediately stopped production and adjusted all unprocessed steel plates to help customers increase bevel processing. In order to protect the ends, we have carried out several packaging designs, and the final design packaging is: steel strip+welding angle steel+steel bar to make lifting tooling

As expected, we finally completed all the products for our customers and transported them to the port for shipment within around one month. At present, the vessel has left, this batch of steel plates will successfully help customers complete the project with Xinyue’s expectation.

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Written by Sophia